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Once upon a time there was a medicine where the doctor prescribed, but the pharmacist was producing medicines: mostly natural. It was a traditional medicine. In modern society, the coming into effect of chemical drugs, treatment with herbs and other naturally occurring substances have been named alternative medicine. Grass - grass does not equal. It cleanses the body, it replenishes minerals and vitamins, running and bacteria, and viruses, inhibit inflammation, and relieve pain. It is known plant that has incredible range performance. Is there any one in the world who has chemical properties similar product? Do not deny food and supplements. They should be used when necessary, when there is the need. However, recently more and more often heard that the food supplements addictive. Is it really so? No one deny that a lot of people quickly get used to much worse things: smoking, alcohol consumption, constant overeating. And do any thinking that the body is affected and try to use their best endeavors to fight? All things must feel the sense of proportion and listen to what you say in your own body.

The White Company Linares in 1999. For many years, we are interested in plants. We can say that we are advocates of natural medicine, we are interested in traditional herbal medicine. We sell only certified in Lithuania and other European countries bought herbs. Our range of products - are more common and less common herbs. We work in accordance with good hygiene practices (GHP) regulations, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System regulations (HACCP) and the Lithuanian standards ĮST 159996581-01:2009. We provide herbal teas and spices packing services.

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